Oscar De La Hoya and Nina Davuluri cheered on at Boxing Hall of Fame Parade

Oscar De La Hoya

It was a good day to be a boxer in Canastota at the International Boxing Hall of Fame's induction ceremony.

Oscar De La Hoya is being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year. "Literally tens of thousand of people, all here for all the fighters, for the Boxing Hall of Fame. This is just such a wonderful, wonderful place. Canastota is just a wonderful town filled with wonderful people," says De La Hoya.

Dozens of boxing legends like Felix Trinidad, Don King and George Forman were ushered into Canastota for the ceremony with marching bands, fire trucks and most importantly the cheers of their fans from across the area.

Alvin Ruiz came from Rochester to celebrate this year with his friends. "Oh it's amazing, there's nothing that you can compare it to. The town has been so graceful with bringing everybody in. (It's) hard to put into words basically," says Ruiz.

Toward the end of the Parade of Champions were Central New York natives, Erin Hamlin and Nina Davuluri.

"I'm so honored to be here and I will always say this that the communities of Syracuse and even Canastota truly treated me like I was Miss America even before I won the title. So just to see this and to say thank you and to be a part of this is really great," says Davuluri.

Paiton Hinman came to her first Parade of Champions this year. "It's cool because they're both from around here and its like this one thing that we could kind of do for them, because they're from around here and everyone here who knows them so they all get excited because they're well known," says Hinman.