Oswego businesses speak out on impact of Harborfest


t's day two here in Harborfest and as you can imagine with 200,000 people coming in over this four day weekend it had a very large impact on many local businesses.

Eddie McCormack is a senior going to Oswego State. "It's great to meet up with friends that you haven't seen all summer and see how everyone's summer is doing. It's great to have a good time also," McCormack.

Some businesses have said they have seen the festival shrink over the years and those closer to the canal and the east side say it hasn't been good for business.

Larry Klotsko owns Water Street Café. "As the years progressed it became less and less crafty. In this area they've taken away everything, there's nothing other than public urinals," says Klotzko.

While Greene's Ale House says typically Harborfest is good for business, but he's seen some of that erode over the last few years.

Ryan Kaczmarskj bartends at Greene's. "Some of the college students that come up here and they treat it just like, 'oh it's another weekend to come and let's just go drinking because it's Harborfest,' type of weekend," says Kaczmarskj.

For other businesses here in Breitbeck Park as well as in the immediate vicinity on the west side of Oswego, they're more than happy to see Harborfest come into Oswego.

Bill Greene is the owner of Oswego Sub Shop. "For our particular business, we're actually busier when the college is in. They're a good boost to our business. So in the summer time, it's a great injection for us. So yeah, we look forward to it. I'm not sure the staff does, it's a long weekend for them, but yeah we certainly do," says Greene.

Vendors like Jungle Juice that sit in the heart of Harborfest say it's a good chance to tap into new customers.

Barandon Lancaster is a smoothie vendor with Jungle Juice. "We have our brand right on the cup, it's got our flavors and everything, so we've been trying to get out brand out there a little more in the past couple of years," says Lancaster.

For many people the highlight of this entire weekend is when fireworks will light up the night sky tomorrow at 9:30 here over Lake Ontario.

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