Oswego chapter of SADD holds mock DWI crash and funeral

Real tears at the mock DWI funeral at Oswego High School

While the funeral this morning at Oswego High School was imaginary, the message it sent to students about the dangers of drinking and driving was very real.

"I cried multiple times throughout that not because I wanted to because I just did,â?? says Dylan Lazner, a student at Oswego High.

Oswegoâ??s Students Against Destructive Decisions, or SADD, worked with the school and area police to put on a mock DWI accident followed by a staged funeral complete with a real casket.

Lauren Peel, the victim in the mock crash, says drunk driving claimed the life of a close family friend.

"After it happened I really wanted to be a part of this because it is such a strong message people don't understand it until it happens first hand to them,â?? says Peel, a student at Oswego High.

Getting in a car with a drunk driver almost killed Wendy Peters, and now she wants to make sure others donâ??t make the same mistake.

"It took me 14 years to be able to share my story and talk with students but if I could just change one personâ??s decision to get into the car than I know I've been saved for a reason,â?? says Peters.

With prom season coming up, the hope is that scenes like this will help students realize how one wrong decision can change their lives forever.