Oswego Co. 2-year-old, who has inspired thousands, losing battle with cancer

Paul Morley at his 3rd birthday party.

For the past few months we have been following two year old Paul Morley's battle with leukemia. Sadly, Paul is losing his fight and his family says his time is coming to an end.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy and treatment with some of the country's best doctors, his cancer kept coming back. With help from volunteers, his parents gave Paul with a bucket list of experiences. Over the past few months, he ran a lemonade stand, rode a horse and sat in a racecar. The Oswego County Sheriff's Department made him an honorary deputy and Sesame Street sent him a special message from Elmo.

Last Friday, his family had an early third birthday party for him. There were superheroes everywhere you looked, and temporary tattoos of his favorite web slinger, Spiderman, all over his arms.

Paul rode into the party with his dad on his other passion: a beautiful tractor brought to the family by the Make A Wish foundation.

Paulâ??s parents never gave up hope and worked with the best doctors in the country, but his leukemia was just too aggressive. Now Paul is at home in hospice care, surrounded by family and friends.

His family decided to move up his third birthday party, knowing he was running out of time

â??Every single moment is so important, and making it happy, that is how we are going to remember everything,â?? said Paulâ??s mother, Angela Schuyler.

Rather than give in, Paul and his family treated every day as a gift, committed to making the most of each day.

"Throughout his entire cancer journey, he never was unhappy,â?? said Paulâ??s mom, Angela Schuyler. â??He never let any of it get him down, so we took that idea from him. Just be as happy as we could.â??

Even weakened by cancer, Paul never lost his smile all through the night; he even had a high five for everyone.

"I hope it brings joy to others; I hope it's a good memory,â?? said Nick Morley, Paulâ??s father.

So many people wish they had just one more day with a loved one who has passed on, and if you had those moments, you would want them to be happy.

Paulâ??s story on Facebook has inspired people from around the world.

As the sun went down at his birthday party, every party guest released an orange balloon into the air. Orange is the color for leukemia awareness and at the same time, friends and supporters around the world released more balloons to honor Paul.

"To know that he didn't just impact us, he impacted thousands of people,â?? said Paulâ??s mom, Angela. â??He changed the way thousands of people see their lives and live their lives."