Oswego County Baby placed in foster care after CNY Central exclusive story

Sheri Remington, morhter of 3-month-old

There is a new development in our exclusive story about a 3-month-old infant girl who was living in a filthy home with her sex offender mother.

Oswego County Social Services Commissioner Gregg Heffner confirms that after speaking with CNY Central's Jim Kenyon yesterday, the child has now been taken out of the home in Fulton and placed in foster care.

Heffner said he "pulled the team together" and personally recommended the removal of the child. "The child is safe at this point," Heffner told Kenyon on Friday.

Heffner says the mother, Sheri Remington, a registered level 2 sex offender for having sex with an underage boy, voluntarily signed over her daughter to Child Protective caseworkers.

"The mother understood it was overwhelming for her and out of her control," Heffner said.

The DSS Commissioner says his office will now help Remington in hopes of reuniting her with the baby.

"Our hope is she will learn the skills she needs to be a good mom," Heffner said.

The paternal grandparents of the child contacted Kenyon yesterday to complain that Family Court Judge Kim Seager did not remove the child from the home despite a CPS report which they claim showed the child was in a dangerous situation. They were notified this morning that the baby is now in foster care.