Oswego County educates kids on safe driving as teens accelerate into prom season

Oswego County educates young drivers about how a car can change your life.


ust days after the horrible crash in Oswego County, a free program draws parents and their teens to Mexico. They listened for a critical message that the speakers were trying to get across about being safe behind the wheel. With prom and ball season coming up and the weather becoming warmer, Oswego County held its ninth annual Regional Awareness Program for Young Drivers.

In the blink of an eye, your life can change behind the wheel. This message was made clear as the family of victims spoke to the crowd of more than one hundred.

Tracy Reynolds saw how quickly things can change. "I lost my daughter in 2008 to a drunk driver driving down to Florida for Disney vacation," says Reynolds. "He hit two cars and then continued to speed up and smash into my family's vehicle spinning them around when my daughter was ejected from the vehicle."

Shawna Hammond knows how important having a plan is to saving your life. "Call your parents, because I can guarantee that they would rather come out at 4 in the morning then get a knock on the door from the local sheriffs office telling them that you are never coming home," says Hammond. "

Ronald Camp is the Oswego County BOCES Director. This program hosted and helped put on tonight's event. "Before they get behind the wheel they should really think about what they're doing. Cars are very, very dangerous and we want to make sure that when we go to bed at night that we don't wake up in the morning and hear of a tragedy that happened overnight," says Camp.

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