Oswego County Fair teaches neighbors about local products

Oswego County Fair

For 157 years, people have been coming out to the Oswego County Fair, and this year in Sandy Creek was as good as any.

In addition to all of the fun, rides and food, people were able to view the brand new alpaca exhibit.

Organizers wanted to expose alpacas, teaching neighbors from the community about what they do and how the help benefit us.

Those that came out were able to see how products were made from start to finish, being able to touch the wool and even buy homemade mittens.

And it was largely the same story for a lot of the farm animals as well. Neighbors could see where a lot of their local dairy and meat products come from, and sampled hamburgers with meat from local farms.

Fourth of July fireworks begin at 10 above Sandy Creek. The fair runs through Sunday.

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