Oswego County lawmakers call for repeal of NY SAFE Act

The Government Courts and Consumer Affairs Committee, of the Oswego County Legislature, held a special meeting Thursday afternoon and unanimously passed a resolution that calls for the repeal of the NY SAFE Act.

Oswego County is joining a growing list of counties that have publicly denounced the recent enactment of the toughest gun control legislation in the nation. Similar resolutions are being considered in Ontario, Jefferson, and Ulster counties.



, sponsored by Oswego County legislator Terry Wilbur, states in part: "the right of the people to keep and bear arms for defense of life, liberty and property is regarded as an inalienable right by the people of Oswego County."

The resolution criticizes the

manner in which the

NY SAFE Act was enacted in less than two days last month.

The resolution puts Oswego County on record as opposing the NY SAFE Act and requesting its repeal. It also calls upon the New York State Legislature to "hold public hearings to address the issue of gun violence in a way that will produce meaningful results."

Among other things,

the NY SAFE Act further

defines and restricts the ownership of "assault weapons", requires criminal background checks on the sale of ammunition, requires 5 year renewals on pistol permits, outlaws large capacity magazines, restricts magazines to 7 bullets, changes mental health reporting requirements, and calls for stricter penalties for crimes involving guns.

On Wednesday, the New York State Association of Counties passed a resolution criticizing the NY SAFE Act and calling upon the State Legislature to hold hearings to address gun violence in hopes of producing meaningful results. It did not call for the repeal of the act.

The resolution now goes before the full Oswego County Legislature next Thursday.

Governor Andrew Cuomo's Office has not yet responded to our request for comment.