Oswego County man awarded $5.5 million after he was wrongfully imprisoned for 9 years

Daniel Gristwood

An Oswego County man who was wrongfully imprisoned for attacking his wife has won a $5.5 million dollar award from the state, according to papers filed April 30 in State Claims Court.

According to the papers, 46-year-old Daniel Gristwood, of Pennellville, was arrested, charged and convicted of an attack on his wife in 1996.

Gristwood did confess at the time, but said that he did so because state police coerced him.

Gristwood was in prison until 2005, when he was exonerated because a man named Mastho Davis admitted to the attack. Davis is serving a life sentence in Florida on rape and assault charges.

Gristwood called his time in prison a â??living hell,â?? according to the court papers. A psychologist told the court that Gristwood is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and major depression and may need therapy for the rest of his life.

The court announced the award, saying that "This loss of liberty for nine years, in and of itself, justifies a substantial award, even though any amount awarded cannot adequately compensate (Gristwood) for his loss of freedom."