Oswego County tow truck driver recovering after tractor trailer accident

Tow truck driver Dorwin Lybolt was helping a couple with their stranded car on the side of Route 81 last Saturday when he saw a tractor trailer coming up in his lane.

"He was in the far lane and actually came closer to my truck. It literally seemed to me to be how close he could get to me," said Lybolt.

Lybolt tried to pinned himself against the cab of his tow truck as the tractor trailer passed by. At first he thought it was just a close call.

"I actually just started walking away from my truck - when I pulled my hand away from my stomach is when I realized it had really done something," said Lybolt.

The couple Lybolt was helping gave him first aid and called 911 but the tractor trailer just kept going.

"He got a little ways up the road, I saw his brake lights and then he took back off again," said Lybolt.

Lybolt had surgery to close the wound to his stomach at Upstate University Hospital.

New York's move over law requires drivers to pull into the passing lane to avoid police, tow truck drivers and first responders. Dorwin and his father Brad Lybolt want the law to be better publicized so everyone understands how dangerous their job can be.

"We're a towing company so we know the law but there's a lot of people and they come from other states where they may not have the law," said Brad Lybolt.

Dorwin Lybolt is still in pain but gradually recovering and says he will be back in a tow truck when he's healed up. He knows he was just inches away from being killed when the truck went by.

"I consider myself very lucky from what has happened to other drivers in the same situation," said Lybolt.

The Lybolts family hopes police will run more "Move Over" crackdowns similar to ones done for seatbelts and texting while driving.

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