Oswego High School basketball coach suspended after parent's complaint

Phil Reed

A high school basketball coach has been suspended after a parent's complaint.

Oswego High School girl's varsity basketball coach Phillip Reed is being investigated by school officials. However, Reed will remain a teacher in the

Oswego City School District

, according to the school district's spokesperson Bill Foley. Reed was first placed on

administrative leave

late last week.

"Coach Phil Reed has served Oswego's student-athletes throughout his coaching career," Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist said in a written statement, "However, his services will not be required for the remainder of the 2011-12 basketball schedule."

CNY Central had received a complaint against Reed from a parent late Friday night, saying the coach put girls through an excessive physical exercise at practice that left some girls crying and afraid to come back. The parent also said that Reed had been verbally abusive to the girls on the team.

In December of 2010, Reed was placed on administrative leave over an allegation that he

shook at 14-year-old female student in a classroom


CNY Central went to Reed's home on Saturday night to hear his side of the story, but no one would answer the door.

The JV girls coach has taken over as head coach of the varsity team.

On Monday night, several neighbors in Oswego supported the district's decision to suspend Reed.

"It's just high school. They're just trying to have fun out there, it's a little too much to be yelling and cursing and making them run until they puke. It's just not right," said SUNY Oswego student Rich Santini.

"That's a little rough for high school. I wouldn't do it," said Oswego resident Keith House.

One parent who did not want her name used said that while Reed has always been known as a tough coach, she wasn't sure why it was only becoming an issue now.

Some parents said that high school coaches need to remember that the players are still just kids.

"They're not adults yet - so you've got to be a little more sensitive," said Oswego resident Angela Thomas.