Oswego identifies areas damaged by flooding, seeks help fixing it


Oswego Mayor Bill Barlow announced Tuesday the city is seeking aid to fix damage caused by high Lake Ontario water levels.

Barlow said several areas in the city have been identified as having "notable damage" by engineers, including the shoreline behind Breitbeck Park, the International Marina, the West Side Coal Pier, the Oswego Wright's Landing Marina, and the storm sewer and pump station along Shore Road.

"We are trying to be proactive as we deal with the high-water levels, erosion, flooding and damage to our infrastructure," Barlow said in a release. "We've thoroughly investigated the damage that has occurred in the last few months, and we'd like it repaired.

"Equally important, we want to get ahead of this problem and pursue funding to implement damage mitigation improvements before our problems become more serious," he said.

Barlow said the city is coordinating with state and federal officials to address the city's needs, including assistance and financial aid. City officials believe "considerable investments" are needed to restore the damage areas.

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