Oswego man arrested on marijuana possession

An Oswego man is facing charges after police discover marijuana inside his car and his home.

Shortly after 7:30 Tuesday night, an Oswego County Police Officer pulled over Michael Wiltsie, 50, along West Fifth and Albany Streets for using a cell phone while driving.

Further investigation at the scene lead to the officer finding marijuana inside the car. Wiltsie was arrested and taken to the Oswego County Police Department. Once there, investigators obtained a search warrent for his Paloma Street home.

Upon execution of the search warrant, police seized approximately 8 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated street value of $20,000.00. Also seized from within the residence was nearly $6,000.00 in cash, as well as numerous other items of paraphernalia commonly used in the sale, transportation and distribution of marijuana.

Wiltsie is charged with Criminal Possession of Marijuana in the Second Degree, a class D Felony, and Unlawful Growing of Cannabis, a class A Misdemeanor. He was also issued a uniform traffic ticket for the cell phone violation.

Oswego Police are asking anyone with information regarding this or any other illegal drug activity to contact them at 315-342-2283.