Oswego Renaissance Assn working to change the face of neighborhoods

Long-term efforts to improve Oswego residential neighborhoods get a boost this summer, with a block challenge.

Paul Stewart, with the Oswego Renaissance Association, says four neighborhoods of 15 to 25 blocks, near downtown Oswego, are being targeted. Residents in those areas can get matching grants for the first $1,000 they spend on exterior improvements to their homes, including painting and other fixups.

To qualify, a cluster of five homes must apply together, and the deadline for pre-applications is April 21st.

Stewart says that the program is based on a similar neighborhood improvement plan done in Jamestown, NY and historically $10-15,000 investments bring 2 to 4 times a similar investment from residents.

This year's program will be followed up by another, aiming to improve streetscapes.

For more information and grant applications, has the details. Again, the preliminary application deadline is April 21st.