Oswego residents weigh in on tough school budget

The Oswego school budget plan calls for 27.8 jobs and $500,000 to be cut. It also requires taking $2 million from the district's rainy-day fund and imposing a 4% tax levy.

Many out at the polls on Tuesday evening voted 'yes' to the deal. Among those was an Oswego 9th and 10th grade global studies teacher who said his job is one of those up for elimination.

"You've gotta put the community first," said Patrick Donovan. "It's not about me. It's about these kids, these families that have been here for generations...If I'm something that needs to be let go for the greater good, then that's fine, too."

"I voted 'yes' because I believe that this is a really good school district, and anything that we can do to help the kids and the teachers, it's very important," said resident Rebecca O'Kane.

Sherry Keytack said she debated how to vote, but ultimately decided to vote 'yes' as well.

"I was very aware when I voted that I was opening up my wallet and saying, 'Okay, I don't have a lot of this money, but take some more for something that's important to me,'" said Keytack.

Of the positions up for elimination,9.5 of them will come from The BUC school, an alternative middle and high school serving 60 Oswego students. Some of the students' parents are concerned about the cuts. The district is now giving the parents until early summer to create a proposal for a stable, long-term financial plan for the school.

The district said the position cuts will be scattered, and will include janitors and an administrator.