Oswego watches tragedy in Japan

Since there are three nuclear plants just miles from Christine Goodwin's home, she is keeping a close watch on the nuclear crisis in Japan. She says the tragedy has prompted her to take a fresh look at her family's emergency plans.

"We need to update everything, especially for an evacuation, a gathering for meeting people so we all know where to go and if you can't get to a place, have a second destination also," says Goodwin.

On the Lake Ontario coastline, just east of Oswego is Nine Mile Point -- home to three nuclear power plants. Emergency officials say the forty-two thousand people who live within a ten mile radius should have potassium iodide pills on hand in case a radiation threat arises. Emergency officials also say you should have a plan in place, just in case.

If there's a serious problem at one of the plants, Oswego would sound the sirens and alerts would go out to television stations like CNYCentral, so we can get the word out to you.