Otsego County Inmates arrested after November jail fights

Rayheem Robinson


hree Otsego County Correctional Facility inmates were arrested on Friday for their involvement in jail fights earlier this month.

On November 4th, officials say 23-year-old Anthony Zarrillo punched 23-year-old Rayheem Robinson in the head. Zarrillo fell to the ground moments later as Robinson threw punches before the two were separated by correctional officers. Zarrillo was sent to M.I. Bassett Hospital and Robinson received treatment from the jail medical staff.

On November 10th, 24-year-old Cory Barlow went into another inmate's cell and punched him in the head. Correctional officers broke up the fight, and the victim was seen by the jail medical staff.

All three inmates were charged with second degree attempted assault. They're scheduled to appear in Middlefield Local Criminal Court next month. They will remain in the Otsego County Correctional Facility on other charges.

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