Otto's Army to temporarily suspend camp-out at Carrier Dome due to cold

SU students camping out in sub degree temperatures to get good seats for basketball game against Duke.

After talking with University officials, Otto's Army will temporarily suspend the camp-out for the Syracuse v. Duke men's basketball game on February 1. It comes as temperatures are projected to plunge into the negative digits for the next three nights.

The camp-out will end Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. and resume the following morning at 9 a.m. An official representative from Otto's Army will record information to ensure correct line placement of teams prior to the camp-out ending. Students will be able to move their equipment inside the Dome, which will be locked.

One of the last times Syracuse University brought students who were camping outside the Carrier Dome inside was the week of February 27, 2010 when they played Villanova, according to the Managing Director, Pete Sala.

The decision is ultimately a joint one, between Sala and Ben Glidden, the President of Otto's Army.

"They emphasized to us, Otto's Army, that they really don't want to come in the building. They prefer to stay outside," says Sala.

"We're taking all the proper steps to make it safe out here so we can stay out here," says Glidden.

As long as it's safe, many of the students prefer to stay outside, shivering as if it's a badge of honor.

Danielle Matfess is a graduate student at SU and longtime member of Otto's Army, but this is her first time camping out.

"If they do think it's safe then we want to be out here because we need to show Duke that they may camp out in North Carolina in 50 degree temperatures but we're camping out in sub degree weather," says Matfess.

To survive, the students have come up with unique ways to stay warm. Junior transfer student, Natalie Wiesnet relies on her sleeping bag.

"You definitely need a good sleeping bag and a tent. If you can, get a pad to stay on the bottom so you stay warm rather than sleeping on the concrete," says Wiesnet.

Freshman John Mettus is wearing as many layers as possible.

"I've got this huge jacket on, I've got some blankets. I've got many pairs of pants on. Just layering it up and trying to keep my body heat in," says Mettus.

It's a battle against the elements to prove Otto's Army lives up to its name.