Outpouring of community support after deadly tornado in Madison County

Scene of the houses on Goff Road that were destroyed when an EF2 tornado dropped onto them on Tuesday night.

The Madison County community is coming together to help their friends and neighbors who were impacted by the tornado that hit Smithfield on Tuesday night, which killed four people.

Governor Cuomo was in Smithfield on Wednesday, surveying the damage and offering encouragement to those who lost so much in the deadly storm.

The Governor sent a Department of Financial Services mobile unit to the area. Experts are on hand helping neighbors navigate the often confusing waters of filing insurance claims for damage to their property.

The Red Cross is also on hand, offering food and other needs to the community. They also have counselors available to help neighbors deal with the tragedy and destruction that the storm caused.

Madison County Undersheriff John Ball tells CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon that two Amish groups, one from Madison County and one from Geneva, are helping with the cleanup efforts. There are also a work group of inmates from the Madison County Jail that have volunteered to help cleanup the wreckage that the tornado left in its wake. Ball say they're being careful not to interfere with grieving family members who are sorting through the rubble of the homes where their loved ones died. Ball said, "Trying to be mindful of the families. They're in shock still. They haven't begun the process of grief yet. We're cognizant of that. We're available but not in their way."