Outrage flows after details of killer David Renz's pathetic life

Dozens of you have unleashed anger in comments after this report about David Renz's life story. Renz, who faces punishment for possession of child pornography and, in a separate case for killing a woman and raping a young girl, is appealing for a standard sentence on the federal porn charges.

In the legal brief, Renz's attorney writes that his "life has been plagued by physical pain and deformities that are unimaginable to the average person." Renz was born without most of his lower jaw. The court document also goes on to detail Renz's life of social isolation.

Brianna Leone commented, "Why does his horrible life have anything to do with what he did? He killed an innocent women and raped an innocent little girl. He needs to be locked up and taken off the streets for good."

"He does not deserve any sympathy for what he did. This is no excuse. He deserves severe punishment as he knows right from wrong," Marlene Gurniak wrote.

Others are hopeful the legal brief has no impact on the judge. "This story makes me so angry. There is no excuse for what he did. He is a disgusting human being, but not because of his physical appearance. Because of his actions. Does he think he is the only person to have a tough childhood! I sincerely hope that the judge is able to look past this nonsense justification of his actions," Jamie Conte wrote.

What do you think of the arguments of Renz's legal team? Could they have an impact on the judge? Leave a comment below.