Overwhelmed, police use helicopter to break up Pompey house party

Pompey house party

A big house party in Pompey got so out of control that Onondaga County sheriff's deputies brought in their helicopter to help break it up. That's according to authorities.

Deputies say on Wednesday just before 11PM, deputies responded to a disturbance on Ashlind Circle. When they got there, 200 cars were parked along the streets and deputies say large groups of people were walking through yards. Deputies say there were between 500 and 700 people at an outdoor party that was getting out of control at 7598 Ashlind Circle. While waiting for more units to get on the scene, authorities say a glass bottle was thrown at a patrol car.

Deputies say Gregory York, 23, told deputies that his parents gave him permission to have a graduation party while they were out of town. Hundreds of people were seen in the pool and backyard of the house drinking alcohol. Deputies told everyone to leave and that the party was being shut down. As authorities responded, they say people jumped the fense causing damage to fence boards.

Air1 responsded to light the area. When authorities contacted the owner of the home, she said she was out of town and did not give her son permission to throw a party at the house. The owner did not wish to prosecute.

About 20 law enforcement officers responded to the scene.

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