Owner found guilty of animal abuse, now Lea is free and ready to be adopted

Lea came to visit Weekend Today in CNY--she can get out of the DeWitt Animal Hospital now that her owner's been convicted of animal abuse

Lea seemed genuinely happy to visit in our studios on Sunday morning. The pit bull mix has been lovingly cared for by members of the Cuse Pit Crew this past year, but she's been confined to the DeWitt Animal Hospital while her owner awaited trial on animal cruelty charges. Now that he's been convicted, she's free, and ready to be adopted.

Stefani Heath Higgins, from Cuse Pit Crew, calls Lea's case real progress. The dog's owner is now convicted of animal cruelty, and of failing to get veterinary help after he stabbed her, and her sister (Dana died from her injuries). He is being held, until he is sentenced ---the penalty is expected to be two weeks in jail.

Comments on the case in social media are critical of the short sentence, but Heath Higgins says that's all current animal laws allow for misdemeanors, and that even getting a conviction is progress.

As for Lea, she's ready to be adopted, and the DeWitt Animal Hospital is the contact: 446-1200.

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