Owner of Feher Rubbish Removal 'confident' company can make changes to alleviate concerns in Solvay

After a one hour meeting with Solvay Mayor Ron Benedetti and Highway Superintendent Mark Cazzolli, the owner of Feher Rubbish Removal, Larry Feher, told CNY Centralâ??s Jim Kenyon that he is confident, that with certain changes, his company will address complaints in Solvay over litter and spillage from garbage trucks.

Feher says the problem results from people who do not put lids on trash cans, which causes rainwater to buildup and mix with trash in the trucks, so, when the truck pulls up to a stop, or climbs a hill, contaminated water spill out onto the street. "We're going to get on them more quickly in the morning because our driver has to go up one side and down the other. So we're going to eliminate the problem by doing the hills first." Feher said.

Feher says that they are changing routes in Solvay so that they pick up trash on the hills first. He says the company will put out a newsletter in the next several weeks to alert neighbors to the changes.

Mayor Ron Benedetti called the meeting "very productive", but is not letting Feher off the hook. There was legitimate complaints here and I will still say Feher does a pretty good job. However their (past) response to this Mayor was inappropriate and unacceptable. We made great strides in that meeting."

Benedetti says despite the progress, he still intends to seek bids from other trash haulers when Solvay's contract with Feher runs out at the end of this year.