Owners of severely emaciated and injured dog Champ arrested

Brian Hollenbeck

The owners of Champ, an injured dog found in Homer, have been arrested for torturing and injuring animals.

The Cortland County SPCA Law Enforcement Department says Brian Hollenbeck, 36, and his wife Brandi Hollenbeck, 29, were both charged Thursday with torturing and injuring animals, overdriving, and failure to provide proper sustenance, all misdemeanors.

The SPCA says their investigation found that Brian and Brandi Hollenbeck deprived Champ of food, water, medical care and shelter after they let the dog loose and unrestrained and were unable to locate him.

Champ was

found wandering

around Homer, severely emaciated and with an open wound on his back leg.

The investigation and an x-ray found that Champ suffered a gunshot wound to his rear leg. His leg will need to be amputated because of the wound. The amputation is scheduled for next week.

Champ remains in the custody of and being cared for by Country Acres Animal Services.

Brian and Brandi Hollenbeck were processed and released on their own recognizance. They are scheduled to appear in the Town of Homer court on March 19.