Oz-Stravaganza draws fans from across the country

Oz Fest 2014

Behind all of the rides at the carnival, is a feeling of excitement.

Roger Baum was the grand marshal at the 36th annual parade at Oz-Stravaganza. He is the great-grandson of L. Frank Baum. "Well it's one of pure enjoyment. The excitement is electrifying it's in the air you can feel it, it's almost like lightning," says Baum.

Hundreds of Oz fans came to Chittenango's annual Oz-Stravaganza to pick up some hard to find or homemade Wizard of Oz memorabilia.

Jeannie Frisch was out enjoying this festival with her family in Chittenango. "The duck tape was for me, because I have kids they play with duck tape. Some coasters and some games. They came out with a lot of new games for this years 75th anniversary," says Frisch.

In 1900, Chittenango native L Frank Baum wrote the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. 114 years later, Oz fans are coming from around the country to be part of this celebration of American History.

Terry Foose came with her family from Massachusetts. "It's just magical right from the start. Especially when it goes from black and white into color. It captures you right from the start," says Foose.

Darrin Lafferty came from Indiana with his daughter Gracie. They travel to Oz festivals across the country. Like other kids out celebrating, Gracie was dressed just like Dorothy. She's growing up with the same story and the same characters her dad did.

"As my little one is growing up, she's experiencing it too. And it's the same feeling it hasn't changed. It's not changing, it's just timeless," says Lafferty.

Just like the wizard did in the movie, a few lucky guests were able to end their day in the exact same way, up in the sky in a hot air balloon.