Parent says Nottingham High fight reflects escalating violence in Syracuse city schools

A mother and daughter are accused of starting a violent fight at Nottingham High School Friday.

Heidi Teska says the fight at Nottingham High School was one step away from a tragedy.

"My first reaction was oh my gosh what if it had been a gun. How easy is it to get into one of our schools," says Teska.

As a mother of two future Nottingham students, Teska is concerned about the lack of security on the high school campus which she says contributed to a potentially deadly situation.

"Nottingham has a sentry at the door. The doors are unlocked. If the sentry is not there because he's been called off to deal with a fight there's unlocked doors and the building office is half a building away," says Teska.

Police say Corinne Monaghan, 36 barged through into the school building Friday to enact revenge after her daughter felt threatened. She brought her other daughter, Rae Shanda Stephens, 17 who came armed with a knife and together they charged at a student before being subdued with a taser.

The next day, parents were told about the incident in a voice recording.

"I appreciate that they sent a message but it was too little too late. It came on Saturday evening at 6pm. That's almost 30 hours after the incident occurred," says Teska.

Teska says this fight reflects the bigger picture

one of escalating violence in the Syracuse City School District.

"I hear about assaults on students and teachers on a daily basis in grades starting at pre-k and all the way up through high school," says Teska.

The Syracuse City School District released this statement to CNYCentral Monday evening:


On Friday afternoon a Nottingham High School parent and her daughter (non-student) entered Nottingham High School, refused to sign in and bolted toward the main office. Our school security and school resource officers responded immediately. One of the women trespassing was in possession of a knife. She was immediately apprehended and safely disarmed through the use of the school resource officer's taser.

We are extremely grateful that no one was injured as a result of this extremely reckless behavior. The safety of our students and staff is critical. We are continuously reviewing our security procedures to ensure everyone is safe at all times and we will continue to do so.

We applaud the work of our security staff, the administrative staff at Nottingham High School and that of the Syracuse Police Department. Through their decisive and deliberate actions, a very serious situation was handled safely and order was restored quickly.