Parents alarmed after 3 weapons are brought to 3 different SCSD schools in 4 days

Incident at Grant Middle School marks third incident in four school days where a weapon was brought to a Syracuse City school.

Grant Middle School in Syracuse was locked down for a time Wednesday after police say a student brought a bb gun to school. This marks the third incident in four school days where a weapon was brought to a Syracuse City school.

On Tuesday, a 2nd grader at McKinley Brighton Elementary brought an unloaded gun into school. Just days before, a mother and daughter, armed with a knife, were arrested after barging into Nottingham High School to fight with a student.

Myasia Jennings is a 6th grader at Grant who should have spent her day in school.

"At first they told us it was a lockdown so the teachers pulled us into the classroom and people who were at their lockers had to hurry up and get into the classroom. They didn't tell us anything about what was going down," says Jennings.

Her mother, Ashlee Michalowski, pulled her out when she heard a boy brought a bb gun to school.

"It makes me nervous. I'm not going to go back to work with the thought in my head that my child's at school with someone who just brought in a gun. BB gun, loaded gun, unloaded gun, it's still a weapon," says Michalowski.

Cindy Mangicaro's daughter also goes to Grant.

"I went numb. I didn't know what was going on. I couldn't get through to the school. I couldn't get through to my daughter on her phone. I was petrified," says Mangicaro.

Now parents are demanding answers and solutions from the District.

"You're responsible for other people's kids from whatever time they're in school to whatever time they get out. Our children are in your hands. We're putting our trust into your school district," says Michalowski.

"There has to be some type of program. Something they can put into place to get this under control because it's getting out of control. It's getting way out of control," says Mangicaro.

President of the Syracuse Teacher's Union, Kevin Ahern, says this is something they've talked with the District about several times.

"We've been asking the district to put forward a comprehensive plan that ensures the safety of all staff and students at all schools for a very long time now.


he recent incidents point out what we've been saying for two years.


here's an increased incidence of these types of problems

," says Ahern.