Parents alarmed by hypodermic needle found on Syracuse City School bus

Parents in the Syracuse City School District are alarmed by an incident that happened on a school bus last week.

The district confirms a 3rd grade student found a syringe on a school bus heading towards Roberts School that may have been a diabetic needle.

Bobby Eudell's 3rd grade daughter was there when it happened.

"She helped a student who had found a hypodermic needle and had apparently stuck herself with the needle. My daughter and another student rushed to help her and give her a band-aid," says Eudell.

Since the incident Eudell has been driving his daughter to and from Roberts School because he doesn't feel comfortable with her riding the bus.

"How and where did this needle come from? And how was it missed? How was a 2nd grader able to find this needle and not adults," says Eudell.

The bus provider for the district, First Student, says the driver checked the bus before the morning route and didn't find anything. Now, it's conducting an internal investigation to find out exactly what happened.

Late Tuesday afternoon Syracuse Schools responded with this statement:

"A third-grade student stuck herself in the finger with a syringe on a school bus that allegedly was found on the school bus. The student was unharmed but taken to the hospital by her parents as a precaution. At this time it appears as though the syringe may have been a diabetic needle. The parents of the student who was stuck took the needle to the hospital to have it tested for verification. The school district and First Student are continuing to investigate the incident."

Syracuse Police say they were never notified about the incident.