Parents and students rally for Elmwood

Parents rally to save Elmwood / Jessica Cain

Parents and children with ties to Elmwood Elementary school spent part of their school holiday rallying to keep Elmwood from closing.

Superintendent Dan Lowengard says closing the school would save money and allow the school to serve as temporary swing space while other schools are being renovated.

Under the plan, Elmwood students would be sent to Danforth Middle school. The plan also includes closing Bellevue Middle school. Those students would be sent to Blodgett Elementary school.

At Monday's rally, students said they were shocked when they heard about the plan to close Elmwood.

"I was depressed, and I started crying because I really love this school," says Shedalia Payne, who is in 5th grade. "I was here since pre-K, and the teachers always used to treat me right."

"It's a nice school, and I love it," says Jajuan Bradshaw, who is in 3rd grade. "I don't want it closed."

Some parents are also worried about the effect the closures will have on the greater community.

Eliza Sampson is a parent and president of the Family Teachers Organization. She says she has a lot of questions about the plan.

"Both the schools that were chosen were in the south side quadrant," she says. "Why are we losing two schools in our community? Also, with Elmwood being so centrally located, this would disrupt a lot of things for a lot of people in this area."

There will be a meeting for parents Tuesday at 5:30 pm at Corcoran High school. The plan still needs to be approved by the school board before it can be implemented.