Parents demand information on rift between North Syracuse teachers and superintendent

Superintendent Kim Dyce Faucette

On Monday, both the president of the North Syracuse Teachers Association and Superintendent Kim Dyce Faucette declined to speak about where things between them stand. Two weeks ago, Teachers Association President John Kuryla, representing 766 teachers, said Dyce Faucette has "offended many personally and professionally through her words and actions" and that there is rage among a large proportion of staff.

Several parents said they heard the dispute was sparked by a plan to give raises to some administrators after teachers agreed to a pay freeze.

Neither Kuryla or Dyce Faucette spoke about the issues at Monday night's school board meeting.

Two weeks ago, Kuryla also gave each board member a packet with a long list of issues the union has with the superintendent and asked for them to take decisive action related to Dyce Faucette's job.

Former school board member Jacquie Owens said she hoped that both sides could work together and find solutions that would benefit the district.

"I just want everybody to get along and I want everybody to really listen and try to compromise as much as possible. I hope things get better," said Owens on Monday.

Dyce Faucette has been North Syracuse superintendent since 2011. She has said she will continue to have regular meetings with the school district's unions.