Parents hear answers about the common core at West Genesee High School

Questions loomed large over a roomful of parents. Dozens of came to the LGI in West Genesee High School with questions they wanted answered on the common core.

Judy Griffith was among the dozens. She has three children in the district and was asking how these standards are helping her children learn.

"If most of the children failed the test in New York last year, how are you to improve, know what the kids need to improve when you can't look at the test and know what the kids got wrong," says Griffith.

School administrators like Superintendent Dr. Chris Brown took index cards with questions from the audience while he explained the future of the common core in their schools.

"What I have to do is kind of bring a balance and make sure that everyone is represented and at the end of the day people have to understand that I can't make changes, but I can certainly make sure that people are informed about how West Genesee is implementing some of these changes," says Brown.

Griffith wants administrators like her superintendent to stand up for their school, even though they cannot change anything themselves.

"My children's education is the most important thing going and I feel that last year was a wasted year and this year was a wasted year in education for my children," says Griffith.

State education standards have remained the same since they were last changed in the lat 1980's. Other parents like Maria Corbett are willing to give these new standards time to develop in their child's classroom as they say change takes time.

"I mean change is good it can be good. I think it's scary for a lot of people. It's scary for me I have children in all three, high school middle school elementary school, so it is scary and all three of my kids are different and they all learn different, so those are some of the advantages to it so I'm definitely willing to see it out," says Corbett

A new set of standards which parents like Griffith have been told will be a part of their children's education for years to come.