Parents in Fulton School District furious after board adopts policy forcing principals to switch locations

The principals at Volney Elementary and Lanigan Elementary were forced to switch locations due to policy change.

Lyndsey Warner is going to be a 4th grader at Volney Elementary School in Fulton. She loves her principal, Mr. Hendrickson and started to cry when asked about starting school tomorrow without him.

Jeff Hendrickson was moved to Lanigan Elementary after the school board adopted a conflict of interest policy in August. It prohibits district employees from supervising a family member. Mr Hedrickson's wife was a teacher at Volney and the principal at Lanigan, Mr. Briggs, also had a wife who taught there.

Fulton City School District Superintendent, William Lynch says it's his job to implement board policy, but this was a difficult decision to make.

"I have two outstanding principals. Highly effective. They do a great job and I believe they will continue to do a great job in the new settings so that was the reason for my decision," says Lynch.

The two principals were supposed to switch positions, but Mr. Briggs recently resigned.

"Yes I believe Mr. Briggs chose to leave the district because we were implementing the new policy," says Lynch.

This has left students and parents at Volney feeling uncertain about what's in store for the new school year.

Jessica Warner had to console her daughter, Lyndsey, after she broke into tears.

"Having everything up in the air we're not really sure who's going to be coming into the school and it's a big factor for the kids. I know my kids are very nervous about that," says Warner.

Lee Lauckarn has three children who attend Volney Elementary, including one who is entering kindergarden this year.

"They like what they got and emotionally that can affect their grades and education horribly," says Lauckarn.

Kara Oneil started the facebook page called "Keep Volney's principal Jeff Hendrickson."

"We would like the board members to come together with the community and be our voice and do what we want which is to have Mr. Hendrickson back at Volney and offer Mr. Briggs his position back if he would like it," says Oneil.

Mr. Briggs will be the principal at Volney for thirty days until a temporary replacement is found.

The school board president

, David Cardone,
tells CNYCentral the policy was adopted when tougher state regulations were put in place including teacher evaluations and the common core curriculum.