Parents keep kids home from school for statewide protest against common core

Kendall Cowles kept her 6th grade son, Taylor, home from school to protest the common core.

Common core opponents rallied in Albany Monday. The silent protesters carried signs and marched in front of the state education building.

About 60 people took part in the protest. Among them were around 20 kids, whose parents took them out of school.

Parents in Central New York also took part in "National Don't Send Your Child to School Day" spurred by frustration over the common core standards.

Matt Damon and his girlfriend Jessica kept their kids home from school


"They need the support of the parents. I think it's a numbers thing. How many kids stay home it shows that people are serious," says Damon.


t wasn't a day off for their high school students. Elizabeth Himmond, a Senior at West Genesee High School and her brother, Luke Manning, a sophomore, had to go to the library and research the common core so they could form their own opinions about the controversial topic.

"We take a lot more tests then we used to and all the pressure is put on the test more than the actual topic in school," says Himmond.

"I still learn plenty of stuff but I am noticing a shift towards how to pas


the test and less about what this is in terms of teaching," says Manning.

Across town, Kendall Cowles kept her 6th grade son, Taylor Smith, home from Lyncourt School to deliver a similar message.

"We don't like the standardization of education. We don't think it allows him to have complex thinking and the teachers cant teach how they want to teach," says Cowles.

"The common core, the testing is a lot harder for me and I don't think that's right that were forced to learn a certain way so I think staying home and doing a little bit of education with my parents is better for me," says Smith.


f things don't change, staying home could be the norm for this family.

Cowles is
already thinking about home schooling her two-year-old.