Parents remember State Trooper Amanda Anna

Amanda Anna

Flo and Frank Wallace have been hearing the stories from everyone they have met over the past few days. Stories of their daughter Amanda's generosity, her kindness to strangers and her genuine sense of caring.

"We knew that about her but we didn't know so many others knew - so that's what's lifting us," said her father, Frank Wallace.

All around Fair Haven, friends and neighbors have been remembering State Trooper Amanda Anna as the girl who could light up a room just by walking in. Some family friends recalled stories like Amanda making a visitor feel welcome at a Sunday School class as if it was yesterday instead of twenty years ago. The outpouring of support has been a source of strength for her parents and they deal with the grief of losing Amanda at just 31 years old. She was killed when her State Police vehicle crashed in the Town of Hastings last Saturday.

Amanda Anna was known for always thinking of others and still had one last gift to give. Her family learned on Saturday that she had registered as an organ donor.

"The joy that I felt when I thought that very day - someone can open their eyes and see. And see through our daughter's eyes - that gave me some strength," said her mother, Flo Wallace.

"It was true Amanda - it's nice she was able to still help," said Frank Wallace.

Anna was a noted athlete and musician growing up in Fair Haven but her parents say her greatest accomplishment was as a mother of a little boy.

"Her child was everything to her and she was everything to him," said Flo Wallace

Amanda's parents say they believe their grandson will carry on his mother's legacy of helping others when they need it most.