Parish deaths ruled double homicide, suicide

Three bodies were found inside this mobile home in Parish / file photo

After four months, investigators in Oswego County now say the deaths of three people in Parish were a double homicide and suicide.

David Quinn, 28, Anthony Patla, 22, and Logan Goncalves, 15, were all found dead in a mobile home on County Route 11 on July 23rd. Police say Quinn shot and killed Patla and Goncalves with an unregistered gun. They say Quinn then shot himself in the head with the same gun.

Sheriff Reuel Todd says it took so long to get these results because Oswego County had to wait for results from the Medical Examiner and New York state laboratories.

However, even though authorities know how the three died, they say they still don't know why. They have conducted extensive interviews, but police say they haven't learned why Quinn would shoot the other two people.

"There was no indication that we know of from anybody that this would occur," says Todd. "What snapped, what went wrong, we'll never know because we have no witnesses, no notes, anything."

Todd says no one will face charges because he believes no one else is involved, and he says his office is considering the case closed.