Parish wants money for old traffic tickets


Revette says he vaguely remembers getting a ticket for driving without a seatbelt in the Town of Parish back in 2008. He says he remembers pleading guilty and thought he paid the $80.00 fine.

Then l

Friday he received a letter from the Parish Town Court ordering him to pay the nearly six year old ticket or face the suspension of his driver's license. Revette told CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, "We've been hunting for a license was never suspended 6 years ago."


ecause he can't prove he paid the fine

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evette says he'll pay the
$80.00 demanded in the letter.


evette is not alone.
The Parish Town Justice Court is sending out similar letters to other drivers as it tries to clear out a backlog of unresolved traffic tickets.

CNY Central contacted State Supreme Court Judge James Murphy who oversees justice courts in the 5th Judicial District. Judge Murphy says the town contacted him about the unresolved traffic ticket problem around Thanksgiving. Murphy said he assigned a court clerk from a neighboring town to look into it and they quickly realized there was a significant problem with unresolved traffic tickets, some dating back to 2002.


urphy can not say how many tickets are involved
nor how much money is at stake. Judge Murphy confirmed he and Chief Administrative Judge James Tormey have notified the State Office of Court Administration. "We are waiting to hear back regarding an audit request." he said. The Judge thinks it could be a bookkeeping problem. "Sometimes a judge may postpone a case and it falls through the cracks." he said


Revette is not so sure. "I think either they have real poor bookkeeping or somebody took money. It doesn't make sense."


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