Patrol cars join trick-or-treaters for Halloween night in Syracuse

The traditional shouts of "trick-or-treat" reverberated in neighborhoods throughout Syracuse Wednesday night, as children dressed up as ghosts, goblins and superheroes (to name a few) celebrated Halloween.

On a night where scares are popular, the reassuring sight of police patrol cars stayed visible, a notice of safety for both the children and parents. As children of all ages walked up and down sidewalks, Syracuse Police amped their patrols accordingly, giving those trick-or-treaters a better piece of mind.

Many, including Dana Van Heel and his family, said they felt safer because of the constant patrols.

"The police are doing a great job," Van Heel said. "They're up and down every street every couple minutes."

He was not the only one who noticed either, Franklin Huddleston, a parent of a big group of trick-or-treaters, noticed a difference from last year.

"It's better this year," Huddleston said. "There's a good police presence, they're everywhere."

Parents like Huddleston and Van Heel took the advice of the police as well, keeping their kids close by at all times, each saying that they would also be sure to double check the piles of candy their children received when they got home.