Paul McCartney talks Springsteen with workers at East Syracuse trucking company

The workers at NEMF trucking in East Syracuse have been told to officially say "no comment' when it comes to questions about whether Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney was at the plant today. However, that has not kept them from posting a photo on Facebook of McCartney with workers on the loading dock. He is wearing a blue dress shirt, khaki slacks, a gray blazer and what appear to be blue sneakers.

NEMF is owned by magnate Myron Shevell. It's a $300 million a year company. Shevell is the father of McCartney's wife Nancy. NEMF has offices across the northeast.

Insiders say workers at NEMF had lunch with McCartney where they chatted about the recent Bruce Springsteen concert at Vernon Downs. He was there visiting with his wife.