Paul Morley is getting support from community before going into hospice

Paul Morley

With the music playing and the weather perfect, hundreds from the Hastings community are coming to show their support for two year old Paul Morley during his battle with leukemia.

While Paul is resting at his home a half mile from PJ's Bar and Grill, family and friends are writing thoughts and prayers to him, hoping for a miracle recovery.

Angela Schuyler is Paul's Mom. "It is just this huge show of support. I'm blown away by how many people are here and everything that they're doing for us," says Schuyler.

On Friday Paul was taken off of all treatments he had been going through at Golisano Children's Hospital. He will be receiving hospice care within the next few days. In addition to raising thousand of dollars, this community is now coming together to provide emotional support for Paul and his family

Gregory Morley is Paul's Grandfather. "It's not over yet, and maybe something good can happen," says Morley.

"It's devastating to know that your child is going to die," says Schuyler.

Ellen Burnet is neighbor's with Angela Schuyler's mother. "We just have to try and support them any way that we can and make a difference going forward with this," says Burnet.

What has connected many in the community to Paul's story has been his bucket list. After riding a horse, a tractor and running a lemonade stand, quite possibly the most important item left on his bucket list is simply to spend time with his loving family.

Nicholas Morley is Paul's Dad. "You lose all track of time. You start living day by day. I don't even know what time it is right now. You try to spend as much time with Paul as you can," says Morley.

While no time limit has been given by doctors, the Morley family hopes each day moving forward will be filled with the same love and support they are seeing here in Hastings.

If you would like to help donate to help with the family's medical costs and now unexpected funeral costs, you can send donations to Angela Schuyler at 1944 U.S. Route 11 Hastings, NY 13076.