Paul Morley, two-year-old boy fighting leukemia, passes away

Paul enjoys his birthday party last Friday

We have some sad news to report. Paul Morley, the two-year-old Oswego County boy who had been fighting cancer, died Thursday morning.

In the fall of 2013 Morley was diagnosed with acute T-cell leukemia, and had been treated for the disease at Golisano Childrenâ??s Hospital in Syracuse. His parents, Nicholas and Angela, created a â??bucket listâ?? of experiences they wanted him to share. Volunteers stepped up and helped Paul to live his days to the fullest, including running a lemonade stand, driving a tractor, or becoming an honorary sheriffâ??s deputy.

Last week, Paulâ??s family held an early third birthday party for him, fearing he would not make it to his actual birthday.

"Throughout his entire cancer journey, he never was unhappy,â?? said Paulâ??s mother, Angela Schuyler. â??He never let any of it get him down, so we took that idea from him. Just be as happy as we could.â??

Paulâ??s mother says he passed away peacefully in his sleep. They thanked everyone who has supported them and said they hope Paul's legacy will never be forgotten.

â??This morning, July 17th 2014 at 5:17am Paul gained his Angel wings in my arms,â?? wrote Mrs. Schuyler on Facebook. â??Last night I fell asleep laying next to Paul, with him in my arms, he passed peacefully. Thank you everyone for your support through our journey and I hope to have you all stay by our side to make sure Paulâ??s legacy is never forgotten.â??

If you would like to donate toward the family's medical and funeral costs, you can send donations to:

Angela Schuyler

1944 U.S. Route 11

Hastings, NY 13076