Peak foliage and warm weather helping Adirondack tourism

CNY Central

Angela and Alan Jupp were hoping they would see vibrant fall foliage when they planned a trip to upstate New York from the United Kingdom but were surprised to be enjoying it in short sleeves.

"Its unbelievable the weather we have been having, we've been really, really lucky. And the colors are just fantastic," said Angela Jupp.

In a normal year you can get peak colors or warm weather in the Adirondacks but not at the same time. This year, guests have had both.

Late October felt like mid-summer in Old Forge. The shops, restaurants and businesses that were still open kept busy with a surge of tourists looking to make the most of the autumn sunshine.

With bright colors and blue skies, Old Forge is experiencing the type of fall that makes the rest of the country jealous.

"I haven't seen that since I was a kid up in Pennsylvania. It's beautiful," said Robin Baranowski from Louisiana. Baranowski and her husband were in Central New York to visit family. She was thrilled to still be able to walk around Old Forge in flip flops.

"I don't even have my flannel on so that is saying a lot," joked Baranowski.

Seasons change and winter will arrive - but these are the days are what many people will remember when they think of the Adirondacks

"Its just different. We've had a summer in Europe and that's been lovely but it's nice to take an autumn trip," said Alan Jupp.

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