Penguin Palooza takes over the zoo

Penguin Palooza is in its 8th year at the zoo.

1,500 zoo fans came to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo to enjoy the 8th annual Penguin Palooza Sunday evening. People packed into the zoo for the penguins, but were also there to see much more.

The night featured a show from the bubble man making the evening a family fun event.

Lori Fitzgibbons and Jennifer Huyck were at the zoo Sunday night with their children.

"I couldn't believe it was sold out, I've never seen anything sell out like this, so it was wonderful," says Fitzgibbons.

"People love this event and it's always packed, it's good. Everyone's complaining about the heat of course, but nothing can be done about that," says Huyck.

The heat today wasn't only a concern for the people today, but for the penguins as well. This species is from the coast of Chile and Peru and are used to this heat.

It's the humidity that is different here in Central New York. The zoo cools its water down to 6 0degrees in order to keep the birds safe in the humidity.

Ted Fox is the Director for the Zoo. "They spend a lot of time in the water probably like we would do here, and they seem to be very very happy," says Fox.

Today is more than just fun with the penguins, it's also a way for businesses to gain exposure to this sold out crowd here at the zoo today. Businesses like Gannon's Isle Ice Cream.