Pennsylvania woman files suit over fatal Parkway Megabus crash

The Megabus crash scene last September 11 / file photo

A Pennsylvania woman left with permanent injuries from a fatal double-decker bus crash says a Megabus-issued GPS could have prevented the crash.

A lawsuit filed by 56-year-old Lo Wah Chu of suburban Philadelphia says she has catastrophic brain and spinal injuries from the September crash near Syracuse, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Monday.

Police say driver John Tomaszewski of Yardley, N.J., was using a personal GPS and failed to clear a low bridge at night, killing four passengers and injuring others.

Coach USA, which operates Megabus, bans drivers from using GPS devices.

Tomaszewski has pleaded not guilty to negligent homicide. His civil lawyer says several other lawsuits are on hold amid the criminal case.

A lawyer for Megabus did not immediately return a call for comment.