People preparing for winter after first snowfall in Pulaski

Pulaski has seen 10-12 inches of snowfall over the last 2 days.

Between 10 and 12 inches of snow have fallen in Pulaski in just the last two days. On Sunday night, Stephanie Brace had an hour commute from her job in Pulaski to her home in Oswego. The drive normally takes her 30 minutes. "There were cars all over the place," Brace said. "It was very slippery. I think I went 20 miles per hour the entire way home."

Ryan Gilbert, Brace's co-worker at Fat Nancy's Tackle Shop in Pulaski, is accustomed to the weather. "I've been here 37 years," said Gilbert. "I love the snow."

Others saw the recent snow as more work. "It's been eventful," said Paul Bryant of Pulaski. "Keeps the snowblower running. Gotta shovel once in a while."

People are also stocking up on cold-weather gear. At Fat Nancy's, Gilbert said items such as hand warmers, knit hats, boots, and ice fishing equipment are selling better.

Some are preparing their cars for icy roads. "You have to make sure you get your oil changed, make sure your breaks are working properly," said Donnette Skellington, a nursing student from Altmar who commutes an hour each way to school.

Areas around Pulaski also saw decent amounts of snow. About 15 inches of snow were recorded in the Tug Hill area .