People throughout the area are trying to beat the heat

Many people throughout the area were trying to stay cool today.


t's hot, and the heat at Jamesville beach fells more intense after last weekend's cold spell which dipped down into the forties. Coming out to the water was one way for people to beat the heat.

Ny'elle Haeed was out at the beach today with several members from her family, trying to enjoy the hot weather. "Personally I don't really like to go boarding, but I do like the water. It's not too cold and It's not too warm," says Haeed.

This perfect balance drew more than two hundred into the water today. This gives the beach a boost in attendance early in the season, as they say the heat has drawn in more than they are used to in years past.

Hundreds came out to enjoy one of their summer favorites, Gannon's Isle Ice Cream as a way to enjoy the heat while still staying cool.

Eric Christensen was eating her black cherry ice cream at Gannon's Friday evening. "It's a nice cold delicious treat, it just gets you in the mood for summer," says Christensen.

Katie Ravito is a cashier with Gannon's. "I have an older home, so we don't have air conditioning. So coming to work it a treat, you get air conditioning and ice cream," says Ravito.

These near record setting highs have brought out lines of people who stayed away during the colder weather last week.

"Last weekend we didn't get any tips, it was very slow. We'd be back in the kitchen, but now lots of business, plenty of tips, it just keeps going, no breaks for us," says Ravito.

Yet another place for people to get out of the 91 degree heart was Destiny USA and their air conditioning.

Nick Gilmour came out to the mall today to look around at the new restaurants and stores. "There's definitely a lot to see here now that they've done the new addition. Movies -- a nice theatre, that's cool in there, definitely get away from the heat, You can go see the new fast and furious or something," says Gilmour.

Anything to just be somewhere, where the heat can't find you.