People who study art of performance in CNY mourn loss of one of their greatest teachers

At the Redhouse, students of all ages study the art of performance and now they're mourning the loss of one of their greatest teachers.

For those who study his work, like Redhouse Education Director, Margeurite Mitchell, Robin Williams is a one-of-a-kind talent.

"He did stuff for troops. He did stuff for his community. He brought laughter and love to so many people who watched his movies and it's really devastating to lose someone who had such a contagious spirit," says Mitchell.

Robert Thompson is a professor of television and pop culture at Syracuse University.

"What was unique about Robin Williams and something that I don't think anybody has ever quite matched is that manic, comic style. That stream of consciousness, almost surrealistic thing he did, where it almost seemed like he was channeling something from another planet," says Thompson.

With hundreds of films to chose from, everyone seems to have a different favorite.

"Aladdin captured that Williams energy and even though we never get to see his face or his body in that there is something about that that is so perfect everytime," says Thompson.

Even though Robin Williams the man is gone, he will live forever through all of his characters.

"He's gone but his movies are going to be watched for a long time. The good work that he did isn't gone," says Thompson.