People willing to pay more for wings on Super Bowl Sunday

Rosie's Sports Bar in Syracuse is stocked up on chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday, despite rumors of a wing shortage. The problem is not a shortage, but a price increase due to a roughly 1% decrease in chicken production over the last year. That decrease is mainly attributable to record-high corn and feed prices for chicken.

Rosie's Sports Bar has felt the increase, but will not pass along the cost to its customers. "The price of wings has gone up a little bit, but you still have to have them on Super Bowl Sunday," said manager Patrick Coleman. "It's the most traditional wing party day of the year."

Rosie's has plenty of wings to go around this Sunday. "We'll go through probably 10 cases," said Coleman. "That's a couple thousand wings for that day. But we also have Syracuse University basketball, so when they come in, they eat the wings. We'll have enough to get by."

A cost increase is nothing new to Rosie's. "We've seen an increase in the past before, when there's a shortage of the corn, or the dairy has gone up," said Coleman. "So, the chicken wings have gone up. But nothing that huge in the past."

Those who want wings are not deterred by a possible price increase. "People are going to buy them," said Josh Lance, a customer at Rosie's. "If they want them, they're going to buy them. If I want wings, I order wings, you know? I don't ask what the price is."