Peregrine Falcon baby growing at State Tower Building nest box

Syracuse's baby peregrine falcon is getting big, and may be ready to fly around Father's Day

Syracuse's Peregrine Falcon watchers are getting excited about the baby, the first one to hatch at the State Tower nest box since 2011. (The nested in 2012 but there were no babies)

It's still a ball of white fluff, but growing bigger daily, and observers predict the 'eyas' (nestling) will become a fledgling (flying) around Father's Day (June 15). They're already calling for volunteers to stand watch in downtown Syracuse, to ensure the first couple flights end in safe landings, away from city traffic and other hazards.

The baby is big enough that some watchers think it's a girl. At this point, there's not a way to tell. Its juvenile plumage will be heavily streaked brown and creme, and in adult plumage the sexes look alike, though the female is much bigger. A male is called a 'tierce' because it's 1/3 smaller than the female.

If you'd like to monitor the nest box, there's a webcam, but the address seems to work better if you cut and paste it into your browser: it does not link well.