Petco CEO: Flooded store where animals died may not reopen

Petco animals die in flooding, September 2011 / File photo

The Johnson City Petco where dozens of animals died during September's fierce flooding in the southern tier may not reopen in its current location.

In a recent blog post by the company's CEO, Jim Myers writes that they have serious concerns about reopening the store. "The risk of future flooding in this location feels simply too great, given how quickly waters can rise and the fact that evacuating animals also poses health and safety risks to animals, as well as to humans."

Myers goes on to say, "We would like to reopen in Johnson City, and we are looking for another location in the area where it would make sense to reopen. Over the next few weeks we expect to determine how to proceed, based on a review of the options available to us."

In September, nearly 100 rodent, reptiles, birds and other creatures died when floodwaters from Tropical Storm Lee swamped the business near Binghamton.

At the time, Johnson City's Mayor said the business should have known about the possibility of flooding since it's in a plaza that floods when the Susquehanna River hits flood stage. When Tropical Storm Lee blew through, wide-scale evacuation orders were issued.

CEO Jim Myers flew in shortly after the tragedy to answer questions about what happened.

He has since tried to update the public through his blog posts online.

In the months since the flooding, Petco has donated $25,000 to five local nonprofit agencies, including the Food Bank of the Southern Tier, Broome County Humane Society, South Central Region American Red Cross, Animal Aid and Relief Foundation and Flutterbyes Animal Rescue.

How do you think Petco has handled the crisis? Should the store reopen? Has the tragedy prevented you from shopping at Petco? Are you satisfied with the company's response in the weeks after the tragedy? Leave your thoughts below.