Peter Hall named 93Q's eligible bachelor

Calling all the single ladies! You can have the chance to go on a date with Meteorologist Peter Hall. Central New York's favorite morning show meteorologist has been chosen to be this year's bachelor for Ted and Amy's Annual Five Dates in Five Days on 93Q.

"With my schedule, waking up at 1am, it's difficult to meet women," Peter said. "So when I was approached with this opportunity I thought, why not?"

Ladies interested in going on a date with Peter will submit a bio and photo of themselves to 93Q. Peter will select five women to go on a date with. Each day from February 3rd through February 7th he'll take different woman to Nestico's Restaurant in North Syracuse. While the dates usually happen at night, Peter will take the ladies out to lunch since he has to get up so early for work. Then the next morning, Peter and his date will go on 93Q to talk about how the date went.

93Q listeners will vote for the bachelorette they think is most compatible with Peter. The woman with the most votes will go to Amy's Slumber Party. Peter says he's looking forward to this new experience.

"It's always great to meet new people and you never know what could happen when you put yourself out there," he said.

Peter will be unveiled as the bachelor Wednesday, January 23rd on 93Q at 8:35am.

Peter appears on Today in Central New York weekday mornings from 4am to 7am.